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fabric core conveyor belt-whole core style

whole belt does not take off layer, small elongating, impact resistance, anti-bearing, good mechanical joining capability, mainly used in mine well.
whole plastic type of whole core conveyor belt(PVC type). Used in dry conditions below obliquity 16.
rubber surface whole core conveyor belt(PVG type). Used in humid conditions below 20°.
wave type shield converyor belt

steel cord draught conveyor belt

conveying angle 0°-90, small covering area.

S type W type

Widely used in conveying materials of coal & charcoal, mine etc.

Lay square steel bar along adhesive tape in landscape orientation, filled up with rubber, take adhesive plaster pack into strip core, and cover upper and lower covering layer, set ear rubber and margin rubber in the two sides of the belt.

draughted by steel wire, stably moves, the belt only conveys materials, does not accept pull, the belt has big rigidity, does not elongate, impact-resistance, abrasion-proof, suitable in conveying materials long distance, high loading quantity conditions.

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